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Our Process

It's a messy job, AND WE'RE gonna do it!

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Your Beloved Cooking Appliance

Is In Our Trusted Hands!

Our cleaning process will eliminate all loose grease, as well as stuck-on grease.  Although the grilling surfaces will never look as good as the first use, the surfaces will be cleaner and MUCH SAFER.  Below is a picture of before and after on the same built-in grill.  Notice the difference!

Clean BBQ.jpg
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Make sure the grill is accessible.  It does not have to be moved or disconnected.  We will handle all that for you!  We only need access to an electrical outlet, and our work will be done within two hours!

When We Arrive

Once we arrive to your home, we will proceed to the area where the grill is located.  We will protect surfaces using drop cloths and tarps (this job can get messy!).  And away we go! 

What to Expect

While We're there

 Step 1 - Assess & Remove Components
Step 2 -  Degrease Surfaces

Step 3 - Gently Scrap Caked-On Grease

Step 4 - Vacuum Loosened Grease

Step 5 - Steam Clean Surfaces

Step 6 - Polish Stainless Steel

Step 7 - Cover & Clean Up

Before we leave

We'll make sure you're happy with the final results.  Remember, the cleaning is throughout the grill, including surfaces and components that may not be visible to the eye.  Ask us, and we'll walk you through what we did and why.

Photos of Our Work
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